The Process of Hydraulic Fracturing

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Overview of Oil & Gas Development in Longmont

Longmont is on the edge of the Wattenberg Field the most productive oil and gas field in the DJ Basin. Because of that, underneath our city are deposits of natural gas & oil. Someone other than the surface owner can own the mineral rights underneath a property. In order to drill on a property, the mineral rights owner must either own the surface rights of the property, or lease those surface rights from the owner of the surface rights.

A basic overview of surface and mineral rights as they pertain to oil/gas drilling

On overview of natural gas an how it is extracted (for children, but great for adults too)
An excellent video detailing the entire drilling process in particular in Colorado, as well as the impacts on health

COGCC rules governing Oil & Gas development in Colorado currently have 350 foot setbacks in urban areas such as Longmont, because of that, the only way to get to much of the fossil fuels deep under the city is to use a relatively new process called horizontal fracturing (nicknamed “fracking”). This process drills down and then horizontally under our homes to get at the fossil fuels. Multiple wells can be drilled on one site going in different directions. These multi-well pad sites are what is currently being proposed by Trail Ridge Middle School, Union Reservoir and Sandstone Ranch. This is likely only the beginning as the gas & oil companies begin to explore how to extract the reserves under the city.

(Click to enlarge) Fracking Fluid Containers at a gas well site on 119 across from Sandstone Ranch Park, next to Longview neighborhood.

The Process of Hydraulic Fracturing:

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Source: ProPublica, http://www.propublica.org/special/hydraulic-fracturing-national

So What Exactly is Hydro-Fracking?, Off the Grid News
To see a video of the drilling process using horizontal fracturing produced by Shell, click here.