The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) is not directly responsible for Oil and Gas Regulation, however they have created a document DOLA oil and gas regulations – A Guide for Local Governments, to specifically address regulation of hard rock mining and other extractive industries,

About DOLA:

For many communities throughout Colorado, the Department of Local Affairs is the “face of state government” —that initial and primary point of contact where local communities work in partnership with the state. Our department’s mission statement, “Strengthening Colorado Communities,” exemplifies the level of responsiveness and attentiveness that lies at the heart of our services.

Through financial and technical assistance, emergency management services, property tax administration and programs addressing affordable housing and homelessness, our department works in cooperation with local communities. It is through that work where we learn firsthand how to build on the strengths, unique qualities and priorities of Colorado. (

DOLA oil and gas regulations – A Guide for Local Governments
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