Defeated Senate Bill 107 The Water Rights Protection Act

Unfortunately this bill has died for this legislative session. Had it passed, it would have added protections to the citizens of Colorado that COGCC has been ignoring, by increasing setbacks near surface waters, forcing financial assurances, and increasing pressure regulation during hydraulic fracturing.

You can see the bill, its history, and official results here.

A letter from Senator Carroll:

I am deeply grateful to each of you who signed this petition, wrote your legislators and took time to testify on the important health and safety issues that arise in this unprecedented fracking frenzy. SB 107 passed out of Senate Judiciary on a vote of 4:3, but does not have the votes to get out of Senate Appropriations. I wish I could tell you it did. The Colorado legislature adjourns next Wed. May 9 and none of the measures trying to address the risks of fracking will have made it through the legislature this session.

However, the COGCC has begun a process through rules to consider increasing the set-back distances. PLEASE consider engaging by writing to the members of the COGCC to encourage greater distances from homes, schools, water supplies, radioactive materials, explosives and Superfund sites. Their email is:

While the measure did not ultimately pass, your voices were heard and you made an impact — and I am deeply grateful for your activism on this issue.

Yours truly,

Morgan Carroll
Colorado State Senator

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